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Owning a PET DEPOT

If you love animals and enjoy working with people, a career in the retail pet business could be the perfect opportunity for you. You’ll see that owning your own pet store can be gratifying and fun, as you help your customers and their animal companions to thrive. Besides, owning your own pet store business is a great way to build a future both for yourself and for your family members!

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surprising facts about the pet industry

Nearly 65% of all U.S. households include at least one pet. In fact, pets are the fastest growing segment of the population in the entire United States. There are 85 million pet cats and 77 million pet dogs in America, along with countless birds, fish and other small animals.

Americans now spend $70+ billion a year on their pets. Sales have doubled in just over a decade. The future looks bright for continued growth in the pet industry.

Specialty pet foods are a significant and growing portion of that market, and nearly half of those customers buying specialty foods are purchasing them at specialty pet retail stores like PET DEPOT.

Based on its National Pet Owners Survey, the APPMA estimates the average dog owner annually spends: $269 on pet food, $83 on grooming, $62 on vitamins, $61 on treats, and $47 on toys.

Cat owners spend an estimated $246 on pet food, $43 on grooming, $33 on vitamins, $51 on treats, and $28 on toys.

Pet food is an evergreen industry, offering stability and customer loyalty to the specialty petfood retailer. Year in and year out, customers typically return every 2-6 weeks to purchase more of their pets’ favorite brands.

Franchise Opportunities: Be Part of Our National Expansion!

PET DEPOT is growing and offers you an exciting opportunity to join our successful retail program. Currently, our franchises are available in most states in North America, Canada, and Mexico.

PET DEPOT offers you a choice of franchising options:

• AREA DEVELOPER: this position affords you exclusive rights to develop PET DEPOT store locations over a specific geographic area

• INDIVIDUAL FRANCHISEES: for those who’d like to own their own single store.

Whichever franchising option you choose, now is the time to join with other PET DEPOT owners in the growing retail pet industry.

Are You Ready For Your Own PET DEPOT?

If it’s time for you to get into business for yourself, your own PET DEPOT location could be the answer. Your name is integrated into our logo, giving you pride of ownership, instant consumer recognition and the buying power of a multi-store chain.

Your store is custom designed for you with the latest easy-to-maintain fixtures and displays, leaving more time for you to assist your customers.

Our welcoming atmosphere and large inventory combined with your personalized service make shopping at PET DEPOT a really enjoyable experience that easily makes your store the best pet store in town!

Our extensive experience, franchise training and system help insure that your path in the pet industry is a fun and rewarding path that you’ll enjoy for many years to come.

What do I get with My Franchise?

A PET DEPOT Franchise is a turn-key business that includes site assistance, store design, fixtures, inventory, point-of-sale system for administration and selling, working capital, and a comprehensive store identity package.

PET DEPOT locations are state-of-the-art social centers for people and their pets. We assist at all levels of the operation. Once you’re trained, you have the freedom to operate the store without interference from us; but we’re always here to assist with anything you need.

With construction experience on all levels, we’ve helped franchisees build nearly 50 locations across North America. You’ll have the professional look and advantages of a much larger pet store chain, but with the personalized attention and service that only a small, dedicated business can offer.

In addition you’ll receive extensive training on how to run and manage your new business. Everything from administration and employees to retailing technique is covered to help make you a real “pet expert”.

By joining the PET DEPOT team, you’ll be able to take advantage of co-op buying power, advertising support, chain-wide consumer specials and promotions, and brand support from product manufacturers and distributors.

Along with all of these support features, you’ll build long term customer loyalty and store brand awareness with our PET DEPOT Rewards Card. Every time your customer uses the Card, they can save automatically at the cash register.

PET DEPOT Advertising Program

When you join the PET DEPOT Franchise family, our combined buying power makes your store instantly competitive with other national chains. We negotiate co-op advertising support and deals that your customers will respond to. You’ll have a big store presentation with superior owner operated service – a winning combination. Your store is listed with other franchisees and we handle all the hassle of the advertising process for you.

It’s your investment and your future. We help guide you through the build-out process, store design, and training to insure that your path in the pet industry is a successful one. Your success is our goal. We treat every store build-out like we are building our own. Our buying power helps keep your costs down so that your business stays fiscally fit and able to compete.