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Depending on the size and the condition of your store location, a PET DEPOT franchise will cost between $267,000 – $555,000.

These prices cover everything you’ll need including working capital, to get your PET DEPOT store up and running. Through our extensive industry contacts, you’ll be able to acquire store display fixtures, inventory, point-of-sale equipment and operations systems.

We also offer PET DEPOT Barkery stores that are smaller, community oriented stores for a smaller investment size.

For qualified applicants we offer full retail/pet vet combinations.


Financial Requirements

Total Investment  |  $267,000 – $555,000

Depending upon the size of the store you want to open. PET DEPOT stores are generally between 2,500 and 6,000 sq. ft.

Initial Franchise Fee  |  $35,000

Gives you the rights to operate your PET DEPOT location, and gives your store the advantages of joining our team: the hands-on experience, increased buying power and access to industry relationships we’ve been building since 1990.

Liquid Assets  |  $80,000 – $166,500

SBA loan requires you to have 30% of the loan request in cash, and have enough other collateral / equity to guarantee the loan.

Advertising Fee  |  2%

In addition to a grand opening budget, we collect 2% of gross sales and place it in a dedicated advertising account to manage the promotions and sales for the entire chain of stores. Our extensive experience with advertising helps your store get off to a good start. We negotiate for additional co-op monies and get the PET DEPOT value message out to your customers.

Royalty Fee  |  5%

We collect 5% of gross sales to maintain the corporate support structure. Because of our negotiated buying power and high volume, your lower cost of goods covers our royalty fee. Our franchise services staff also helps guide you through various critical areas in operating your store on an ongoing basis.

Disclaimer: No information contained herein is intended as an offer or commitment to sell a PET DEPOT franchise to you.

Our PET DEPOT staff has decades of hands-on experience and can offer expert support to get you started.

You’ll find that a PET DEPOT franchise holds the right blend of personal service, corporate support and customer name brand recognition to really succeed in the marketplace. The only missing ingredient is you!

If you’re ready to make the change to a fulfilling new career that can benefit your whole family, please call us today at 626-335-0469 or email us at to discuss the possibilities.