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  • How to Get A Puppy to Sleep Through the Night?

    Nobody tells you this but sleeping with a puppy is tough. You have to be careful so as to not wake your puppy up. You have to be as careful as if you have a newborn baby sleeping in your room.  And finally, when your puppy sleeps through the night, it feels like a victory.</strong […]

  • What to Do When a Dog Eats Chocolate

    Some things just don’t mix well, like orange juice and toothpaste. Mixing other things, though, can have dire consequences—like dogs and chocolate. To keep pups safe this Halloween, here are a few tips retailers should share with pet owners about canines and chocolate: Why is chocolate bad for dogs? Chocolate contains two methylxanthines, caffeine and […]

  • 10 Winter Weather Safety Tips for Pets

    We’re approaching a new year, but we’re also approaching the heart of winter where temperatures will be bitter cold and precipitation will take on frozen forms. While the weather won’t stop our pets from going out to do their business or play in the snow, there are many ways we can keep them protected from […]